Saturday, April 21, 2007

OK here's my prediction about Tony Soprano

No it didn't come to me in a vision, and I claim no inside track to the mind of David Chase.

Tony won't die at the end of the series. The anonymous powers that be will decide to run him for the Senate. He wouldn't be the first crook to be washed clean at the ballot box.

And he would hate his life, even more than now. Karma? You bet.

And, man, would I love to write *that* movie!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

See you at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

April 28 and 29 at UCLA.

I'll be in Independent Writers of Southern California Booth # 428 on Saturday from 11AM - 1PM and on Sunday from 10AM - Noon.

Drop by and get the skinny on the SoCal writers' mafia (and mutual protection society), along with scare stories from the POD Wars!

Yikes! It's A-liiiiiive!

Live on as of today, with respectable reviews from boychiks Peter Lefcourt, Tom Blake, Gavin Sinclair, Marv Wolf, Dan Whitman, and others.