Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Truth About My Inflatable Friend

First of all, she's not my friend, she's Rollo's, since the book is a first-person confession.

Secondly, she's not inflatable. His first attempt was a gasbag, but she didn't convince anybody, and she wasn't exactly a keeper. The one he ends up with is a high-tech, lifelike, silicone-and-steel replica with articulated joints. Custom made, cost a few grand, not available at your local party store. (If you're a fan of Boston Legal, you've seen two of her sisters.)

Thirdly, the inflatable aspect stays with him. His swelling ego, as it turns out, is no friend.

[sample chapter]


Anonymous said...

Screwed up again, didnt U?

Tony's still cruisin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could we like...mebbe....update this thing once in a while?