Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary Soprano and the NY Mob

Yikes! Hillary's video Soprano's spoof inspires almost as many layers of interpretation as the original.

The touch I noted was that spooky, hairy eyeball from the Johnny Sack character, as if the NY mob were saying, "Don't go there, little lady."

Hey, no worries. As David Chase has assured us, the Feds are so busy chasing down rumors of terrorist plots that practitioners of good, old-fashioned home-grown crime and corruption need not worry.

Is Hillary saying, if she were in office, she'd do an RFK on those guys?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tony Soprano, Future Senator from New Jersey

Like I said, he lives. All of the pieces are now in place for the movie. Not only are the Feds closing in, but also Tony has a renewed alliance with FBI Agent Dwight Harris (and owes him bigtime).

So in the movie (which I'm thinking is a remake of All the Kings Men), Tony gives major bucks to the party and runs for office. Too preposterous, you say? Obviously you never studied much U.S. history!

Another model for the movie would be Get Shorty, in which juice-loan enforcer Chili Palmer goes to Hollywood and finds that his highly refined criminal techniques make him exceptionally well qualified to succeed as a movie producer. (I won't belabor the parallels.)

And there's another reason I think Tony's karma will take him to Washington: No self-respecting producer would allow all that asbestos to just sit there!