Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am *not* this guy!

If you're into self-empowerment, leadership, human diversity, and team building, click here because he's probably the one you want.

If instead you're a fan of Tucker Max or Chuck Palahniuk, you're not exactly home but you're in the neighborhood (a classier part, I'd say, but let's not diss commercial success).

For example, I suppose James Earl Jones made the same decision I did - to always use my middle name Everett in an effort to set myself apart (and "build my brand," as the other GJ might suggest) from the myriad Google hits you'll get on Gerald Jones, including an Australian who owns auto body shops, a scholar of Mormon history, and an authority on comic books (dangerously close to comic novels, but if you know the difference, that's another sign you're in the right place).

BTW Gerald means spear shaker, which is another tantalizing clue that "Shakespeare" was the pen name of Gerald Francis Bacon. And every male knows that shaking your spear might or might not be impressive, but be warned it will almost always get you into trouble.


Free Agent 0007 said...

Where do you get that Francis Bacon's first name was Gerald?

Free Agent 0007 said...

Where do you get Francis Bacon's first name being Gerald?

daboychik said...

It's been awhile since I posted this. I thought the reference to Gerald Francis Bacon was in Bill Bryon's Shakespeare, but I can't find it now. There is a hit for that name on Google but appears to be a contemporary person who has an interest in Bacon history but whose Web page is down. Apologies for the confusion.