Monday, August 4, 2008

"Rubber Babes" Is / Are Here!

The first book of Rollo Hemphill's confessional saga, My Inflatable Friend, has one of those multifunctional titles. It could and does refer to 1) the main character's swelling ego, 2) a rubber doll he uses in a lame ruse to make his girlfriend jealous, and 3) other body parts that swell on stimulation.

Rubber Babes as a title likewise has its multipurposes. Marking the second installment of Rollo's misadventures, the title could equally mean 1) real, fleshy women as sex partners for whom use of a prophylactic is mandatory, 2) synthetic women, or sex dolls, employed for various purposes the most significant of which is conversational, and 3) the surprising resilience of the feminine personality.

The chapters are short, but the effect is enduring. Go ahead, take a look.

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