Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ms. Oprah Obama Kindle

$50 off Kindle! Enter OPRAHWINFREY as coupon code on checkout (until Nov. 1).

She's endorsed the candidate, now the Amazon e-book platform (link to article in Information Week).

And just in time for the holiday shopping season. Yeah, everybody is saying that the device is pricey, but so is iPhone. If you figure the per-copy cost savings on books is around $15, the Kindle will have paid for itself when you've bought 20 books.

I'm not objective on this, of course, because both of Rollo's misadventures are available on Kindle.

Speaking of the commercial silly season, recent developments in the global financial community bear out the wisdom of Rollo's quip, "Paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness."

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