Tuesday, November 25, 2008

G&G Review 'The Little Dog Laughed' at the Kirk Douglas

Who knew there were handsome leading men in Hollywood who pretend to be heterosexual for the sake of their box office draw? Perhaps the central question is, how do you feel about a Hollywood superagent's pushing that cause? Even fighting for it? She'll stop at nothing to promote her pretty-boy client and his boy-next-door image in this send-up farce by wickedly funny playwright Douglas Carter Beane.

Put another way, behind the scenes, the business of managing the box office takes exactly the opposite view on Prop 8 from what you'd expect from the public posturing of moguls and their favorite stars.

Read our review of opening night here. In a theater literally a stone's throw from the Sony lot in Culver City, it was all about an industry audience laughing at their own skewering onstage.

Holy hypocrites, Batman!

(Photo by Craig Schwartz courtesy Center Theatre Group)

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