Sunday, December 19, 2010

Discount Coupon Codes for Last-Minute Ebook Gifting

From now until mid-January, go to and use the codes below to get three bucks credit toward one of Rollo Hemphill's zany adventures. That's $3.99 a copy for a gift that says, despite everything that's happened, you still have a "unique" sense of humor. These little books are about an airplane-read long, and you can read a chapter while you take a coffee break, wait your turn at the dentist (!), or would otherwise fret because your food order is still in the kitchen.

Smashwords links:

My Inflatable Friend code BY75K

Rubber Babes code AS78F

Many ebook formats available, including B&N Nook and Apple (EPUB), Sony (LRF), Palm (PDB), HTML, and several online formats you can simply read on a computer, SmartPhone, or tablet.

Kindle format is available on Amazon, but I don't control that price. Available here.

Same with Diesel PDF available here.

So if you're not yet a fan of Rollo or simply want to spread the itch, here's an inexpensive gift that says you care enough to mess with his mind.

Enjoy your holiday and why don't you stop back after your shopping's done to post on the blog?

P.S. Paperback editions also available on Amazon (ads below) if you're hopelessly stuck in the 20th century and still have some bookshelf space left.

 Paperback  edition
 Paperback edition