Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Read an E-Book Week and Rollo Bares All

March 4 - 11 on Smashwords - Rollo's Misadventures are Free!

Pick your fave ebook format - They're all here.

My Inflatable Friend - FREE - Slacker car jockey Rollo Hemphill tries to make his girlfriend jealous by driving the life-sized lookalike doll of a famous soap star around Hollywood.

Rubber Babes - Use coupon code RE100 - Rollo gets the girl and a lot he didn't bargain for when he fails continually upward to head a charity that's laundering money for the Secret Government.

Farnsworth's Revenge -  Third in the series, forthcoming. Rollo gets his just desserts. I'll be reading from it on Sunday, March 11, at 2pm at Barnes & Noble on the Santa Monica Promenade.


Jonathan Balog said...

Question for you:

Do you think the rise of the ebook is a sign that pretty soon the paper copy is going to go the way of the CD and the landline phone? Or will it just be an asset to the publishing world? I personally don't have a problem with ebooks (God knows it's helping me get my own fiction out), but I REALLY don't want to live in a future where books are 100% digital.

Cool blog, BTW!

daboychik said...

Jonathan, it may seem to dodge the issue but I think it will all depend on what people demand. I have a houseful of paper books, but I love the idea of putting a thousand of them on a Kindle. And an ebook reader is so much more portable and convenient. I even read ebooks on my iPhone when I have a few moments to spare. Also, paper books consume trees and consume fuel in their distribution. Perhaps a guess will be that the expensive gift book - the "coffee table" book - will survive as a prize posession? As to textbooks, I really do think those are dinosaurs. And they will be replaced with multimedia ebooks, or Vooks, that work more like apps than traditional linear texts.