Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Lame-Guy Humor

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I wasn't feeling so bad about myself until the very end of this clip. I am not someone who agonizes over card selections, but then I'm always adding my personal messages to tailor the printed greeting to the recipient, the occasion, and, yes, my sense of her state of mind. But I would never expect scoring with a great card choice to buy me more game-viewing time.

She knows I don't watch those games, and if I said I was headed over to a friend's house to do that, she would be rightfully suspicious.

Now if I said, "Bye, off to the library," no questions asked.

If I said, "Off to the gym," she'd be skeptical, but she'd say "Good!" on the chance I might just be telling the truth. (Hint, guys: It's not that difficult to check a gym bag for sweaty clothes. Another reason not to wash them that often.)

Was this embarrassing to admit? What do you think?  Well, boychik, if you feel like confessing, there's plenty of Comment space.

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