Saturday, November 23, 2013

Someone Should Host the Boychik Lit Fest

Not sure what the point is here, but it appears the lady is getting the worst of it - and the men are, well, beasts. (Conference de Londre, Wikimedia)
I saw this New York Times article recently "Media Outlets Embrace Conferences as Profits Rise." I'm certainly glad that the mass media are finding ways to survive, but I hope it's not because all those unpaid blogging gigs are lowering their overhead expenses.

A conference I regularly attend is the annual Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid and Proposal Con, which will be held next May in Chicago. I've submitted a presentation, and if I'm chosen to speak this will be my third year in a row. The first year I spoke, I was scheduled opposite a wildly popular panel - a debate between Millenials and Boomers about the roots of generational misunderstanding. Naturally, I wasn't there, and I was sorry I missed it. Second-hand reports told me it ended in something just short of a food fight.

The NYT article reports that traditionally male-centered Fortune magazine will be hosting its Most Powerful Women Summit. I wonder what the ratio of attendees will be, male, ahem, "over" female?

And then coming back to the point of this humble, disruptive blog - if anyone held a conference for authors and fans of boychik lit, would anybody show up? Perhaps Tucker Max and I could debate - his brash take-no-prisoners approach and my more mild-mannered curiosity - but if we're to generate any interest at all, we might need to stage that food fight.

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