Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway Surprises

Five hundred and ten Goodreads.com fans competed for 20 advance review copies of the third Rollo Hemphill misadventure, Farnsworth's Revenge, which will be released in softcover on April Fool's Day of next year.

The one-month-long contest period closed today, and copies have already been ordered from the printer to ship direct to the winners. Goodreads advises them to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, but I suspect it will be much sooner, although perhaps not in time for Christmas, given the holiday schedule at the printing plant and the vagaries of the shipping services.

This promotion was cross-posted multiple times on my Facebook author's page [Gerald Everett Jones - Author has some 120 likes]. The new FB Boost tool was used to sponsor wider posting, which about 15,000 users saw.

Amazing to me, among the 20 winners there are only two men. And one of them is a good friend of mine! I can only guess that he prevailed because he was the first entrant. At least, I suspect he was.

Are all of those other successful bidders mothers or wives or sisters of boychiks and intending to gift the book? Or are women my hardcore fans? I have no idea.

Four of the winners are women in England - not Scotland, and not Wales, my ancestral home. (Where were you guys?. Out tending sheep perhaps.)

Two women with identical ethnic last names with distinctive spelling won, living at some considerable geographic distance from each other. Sisters? Are the fans of Rollo a secret sisterhood? Wow, cold chills!

Only the reviews will tell.

If you entered but didn't win, take heart. You may not have to wait until April for your gratification. I believe the publisher is planning some sneak previews, however fleeting and brief.

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