Saturday, July 30, 2016

#6: Socks, Life, and Audiotape with Angel-Voice Rebecca Roberts

Host Gerald Everett Jones's charming guest is none other than Rebecca Roberts, the multi-voiced talent you hear reading Bonfire of the Vanderbilts on In a full and frank exchange of views, she offers lessons learned working with him on Bonfire.

She even confesses how her role can be much like an experienced nanny dealing with a new mother (the proud parent of the book).

We include a brief clip of her reading, as she becomes a proper Bostonian lady of the Gilded Age dishing dirt about the scandal behind a famous painting.

And in keeping with the theme of this episode, Gerald offers his book review of My Voice Will Go with You by psychiatrist Sidney Rosen – about how Dr. Milton Erickson’s therapy – based on storytelling –could change a patient’s lifetime behavior patterns.

Rebecca Roberts ( has narrated over 120 audiobooks, as well as commercials and instructional media. According to her fans, her greatest attribute is how easy it is to hear what she has to say, and not how she’s saying it. In developing her trademark sound over the years (and often falling into the trap of trying to emulate her favorites), she found her niche – “being real.” She has a natural cadence, a smooth comfortable tone, and pace that is truly a delight to listen to. Anne McAneny, author of Raveled, said, “She’s so good, you don’t even hear her. All you hear are my words.”

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