Friday, August 26, 2016

#7: Q&A Crazy with Cheyenne

Gerald and Cheyenne

GetPublished! Radio host Gerald Everett Jones has the answers - because he's already made all the mistakes himself. To which guest co-host Cheyenne replies, "We'll see about that!" She challenges him with questions we've received from listeners, such as:
⦁ Why shouldn't I monetize my book blog?
⦁ How can I go viral on social media?
⦁ What can I do with an Author Page on Amazon?
⦁ How might a four-star review actually be better than five?
⦁ What do I need to know about getting photo permissions?
⦁ What's the smartest thing you ever did to promote yourself as an authior?
⦁ - and more...
Gerald and show producers Runkee Productions launched GetPublished! as a kind of self-help resource for wannabe authors. As producer Lori Marple describes it: “GetPublished! encompasses a demographic from older to younger. Gerald is telling Boomers to give up golf and give back, to give us their life stories and lessons learned from the real battlefield and the capitalist wars. He’s saying to Millennials, if they can’t find a job or hate the one they’re in, give us a plan for a new product, a new industry, or a few well-crafted Constitutional amendments.”
Gerald wants to goad the thought leaders of tomorrow. He asks them, “Tell us about the feelings that flow from your heart of hearts, thoughts that can motivate others, ideas that can make a difference.”
And, then, there’s entertainment value:

“We have questions from listeners. We can’t tell you how to get your cat to pee in the toilet, but we can tell you how to promote your next book on the World Wide Web.”

Check out this episode!

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