Sunday, April 30, 2017

GP 218 - Mystery and True Crime

Host Gerald Everett Jones and his co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page discuss “Mystery and True Crime” with special guest author Marvin J. Wolf. Wolf is the author of the Rabbi Ben mysteries: For Whom the Shofar Blows, A Scribe Dies in Brooklyn, and the forthcoming A Tale of Two Rabbis. Marv responds to our questions, including:

  1. How does mystery fiction differ from true crime?
  2. What is a police procedural? Do all mysteries fall into that category?
  3. Have you ever come across a story that you thought was too painful or too troubling to write?
  4. How does the training and skillset of a journalist inform the work of a mystery novelist?
  5. Is it a truism that social media is killing journalism these days?
  6. A Scribe Dies in Brooklyn is full of Judaic scholarship. Did you just absorb all that detail over the years, or was it a research project in itself?

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This episode airs on Hella Radio, KNNN-FM 87.7 Redding, Calif.

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