Sunday, May 28, 2017

GP 222 - Who Needs an Agent Anymore?


Host Gerald Everett Jones and his co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page discuss “Who Needs Agents Anymore?” with special guests Bill Gladstone, founder of the time-honored literary agency Waterside Productions, and Gayle Gladstone, publisher of their new venture Waterfront Digital Press. When does an author need an agent? Bill and Gayle respond to our questions, including:

  1. Is the nonfiction marketplace changing?
  2. Is there a typical mistake first-time authors can and should avoid?
  3. Should the agent query come before self-publishing?
  4. How should fiction writers approach the marketplace?
  5. Should an author stick with an agent who's also a coach now?
  6. Bill, you've brokered the sale of some major publishing houses. What's going on behind the scenes these days?
  7. How can the listeners get in touch with you?

And, as ever, there's lots of advice on how to get published, including the support resources at our website

This episode airs on Hella Radio, KNNN-FM 87.7 Redding, Calif.


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