Sunday, August 6, 2017

GP 201A - Q&A Crazy

The GetPublished!® Radio Show with host Gerald Everett Jones premiered as a weekly half-hour FM broadcast on Sunday, January 1, 2017, at 12 p.m. Pacific Time. The debut station host is KNNN-FM 87.7, which serves the communities of Redding and Chico in Northern California, about 90 miles north of Sacramento. Available for streaming and download as a podcast since last April, GetPublished! has an audience of a few thousand listeners who are curious about how to gain a wide audience in digital media. Now, with this new distribution channel, GetPublished! will be reaching a potential audience of about 500,000 in KNNN's broadcast area, including students on six college campuses, with more than 17,000 at the University of California at Chico (Chico State).

For the world outside of the station's broadcast area, the show streamed live on station owner Hella Radio's website, where the weekly episodes will also be available for download. The show will continue to be available on popular podcast distribution services, including ITunes, Google Feedburner, Stitcher, TuneIn, Libsyn, and iHeartRadio. Selected episodes without commercials are also available to public radio stations via the Public Broadcasting Exchange (

The format of the show is spirited talk, with emphasis on answering questions submitted by listeners. Questions can involve developing manuscripts, dealing with print and electronic production issues, and the challenges of promoting books in social media. Announcer Bill Navarro quips, "Gerald is an authority on self-publishing because he's already made all the mistakes himself." Before starting his own small press LaPuerta Books and Media, Jones authored more than 30 nonfiction titles for mainstream publishers on business and technical topics. His book on infographics, How to Lie with Charts, was published originally by Sybex and is now in its third edition under the LaPuerta imprint. Since concentrating primarily on fiction a few years ago, Jones has published exclusively through LaPuerta. His six novels include Bonfire of the Vanderbilts, about a 100-year old scandal over a famous Gilded Age painting.

On many of the radio episodes, Jones will be joined by two witty and opinionated co-hosts. Cheyenne Cockrell is a recent journalism graduate from Humboldt State and brings her show-me Millennial attitude. Sci-fi author Thomas Page, who wrote the cult classic The Hephaestus Plague, balances the age scale at the senior end. As the show's "Resident Curmudgeon," Page weighs in with his snapshots of yesteryear, including commentaries from his early career as a Madmen-era advertising copywriter in New York City.

"It's all about exercising the First Amendment in this new age of digital media," Jones says. "There are no gatekeepers anymore to block your way. You don't need an agent or an editor or a publisher to give you permission to break into print. But that's the good news and the bad news. There's also no one – except gurus like our GetPublished! team – to help you avoid embarrassing or costly mistakes."

The GetPublished! Radio show with Gerald Everett Jones is produced by Runkee Productions ( at its studios in Los Angeles. The producer is Runkee CEO Lori Marple, and the sound engineer and announcer is Bill Navarro. The show maintains a support website for authors and self-publishers at The website has a Forum where users can pose questions and engage in discussion threads. There are also links to helpers such as copyeditors, book designers, and publicists. (GetPublished! is a registered trademark of La Puerta Productions.)

For further information, contact Lori Marple, Producer, Runkee Productions, phone +1 310 216-9094.

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