Sunday, February 11, 2018

GP 414 - Poetry and Spoken Word

Gerald and co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page consider how poetry and spoken word before an audience can both entertain and stimulate the creative process. And...

  • What IS the difference between poetry and spoken word?
  • Why do you think live poetry readings and spoken-word presentations have become so popular?
  • Radio shows and podcasts – particularly podcasts – of poetry seem to be gaining in popularity. Do you think this is a new opportunity for poets?
  • Have you ever tried to write poetry? Spoken word?

Then we're joined by special guest, creative coach Terrie Silverman, who responds to:

  • How do you help people develop and investigate their stories – whether for the page or the stage?
  • How does your own work inform your teaching?
  • You seem to have a talent for drawing expression out of people who want to write but haven’t had much previous success at it. What’s the secret to getting it all to flow?
  • Have you ever found that someone’s work is painful, either to them or to the group? How do you deal with that?
  • Of the people who intend to write memoir, how often to you find it morphing into something else?
  • Is self-expression always therapeutic?
  • What are the challenges of performing your writing or your stories?
  • How can our listeners get in touch with you?

And, as ever, there's lots of advice on how to get published, including the support resources at our website

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