Sunday, July 7, 2019

GP701 Preacher Finds a Corpse - Episode 1

In this first podcast episode (Chapters 1 and 2), Evan finds his friend's body and suspects it's not suicide. The cops want to know what he was doing there. Josh and Linda Emmett get a notice their farmhouse will be bulldozed. #podcast #audiobook #mysterythriller

We'll be podcasting the other chapters daily at 7:30 pm Eastern until July 30.

About the book. A lapsed divinity student who is fascinated by astrophysics finds his best friend shot dead in a cornfield. It looks like suicide. Having returned to his farm roots near Lake of the Ozarks, Evan works as a skip tracer for the local car dealer. He learns his friend was involved in a dispute over farmland ownership that goes back two centuries - complicated now by plans to make an old weapons facility into a tourist attraction. First in a series.

Image credit: Jose De Jesus Cervantes Gallegos © Audiobook © 2019 La Puerta Productions.


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