Friday, April 3, 2020

AB804 Preacher Finds a Corpse

Listen to an excerpt from the new mystery-thriller. #podcast #audiobook #mysterythriller #booklovers #bookreviewers #newrelease

Here's the story: A lapsed divinity student who is fascinated by astrophysics finds his best friend shot dead in a cornfield. It looks like suicide. Having returned to his farm roots near Lake of the Ozarks, Evan works as a skip tracer for the local car dealer. He learns his friend was involved in a dispute over farmland ownership that goes back two centuries - complicated now by plans to make an old weapons facility into a tourist attraction. First in a series.

Audiobook © 2019 La Puerta Productions.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

GP804 Self-Pub Answers

Our host Gerald Everett Jones and co-host Cheyenne Cockrell discuss how to promote books on social media. They cover author blogs, sponsored ads, post engagement, viral distribution, author profiles, and advance reviews. Then our co-host Thomas Page offers an essay on George Orwell's grim political satires. #amwriting #selfpub #podcast

As always, there's more help for self-published authors and book promoters on


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Friday, March 20, 2020

AB803 Reading - Mr Ballpoint

In this gig economy, they're telling you - Don't go get a job, make one for yourself! Create a new product or service! After all, it's the American Way... #amwriting #selfpub #podcast

Narrator Michael Gilboe reads Mr. Ballpoint, a comic novel by our radio host Gerald Everett Jones.

It's called entrepreneurship. It might be risky, but along the way it's a lot of fun. The introduction of the first ballpoint pen to the U.S. in 1945 was a marketing sensation. And the first day it went on sale at Gimbels in Manhattan triggered a riot when thousands of shoppers had to be wrangled by fifty cops.

Thus began the Reynolds International Pen Company. Started by a shameless huckster and his straight-arrow son.

And some thought the first iPhone was a big deal!

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Friday, March 13, 2020

GP803 Musty Research Tips

How do you find documents and ephemera that are not available online? Our host Gerald Everett Jones describes the research tools and sources he used to access institutional archives, including microfilm, rare books, paintings, genealogical records, and interviews with descendants and scholars. It's a recap of his 20-year quest for evidence behind the art scandal in his historical novel Bonfire of the Vanderbilts. #amwriting #selfpub #podcast

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Friday, March 6, 2020

GP817 What Are Handmade Books?

There seems to be a lot of interest in books that get made one at a time. We’ll hear from Jacob Samuel, a fine-arts publisher whose limited-edition books are so carefully crafted they’re considered museum pieces even when they’re new. And we also welcome David Drum, a journalist, novelist, and poet who makes and sells his own hand-crafted editions. Drum is also the author of the new Gothic novel Heathcliff: The Lost Years (fans of Wuthering Heights take note). #amwriting #selfpub #podcast What IS a handmade book? Are there different types? How did you come to do them, and how do you market them? And, as ever, there's lots of advice on how to get published, including the support resources at our website

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Friday, February 28, 2020

AB802 My Inflatable Friend

Stuart Appleton reads from our show host Gerald Everett Jones's satirical novel My Inflatable Friend. This silly book is the first in his trilogy The Misadventures of Rollo Hemphill. The audiobook is available from Audible, and the book as paperback or ebook from booksellers. #amwriting #selfpub #podcast #humor #satire (Music by

Boychik lit??!! A car jockey at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, youthful hacker-turned-slacker Rollo Hemphill devises a screwball scheme for making his girlfriend jealous. Through a silly but magical ruse, our hero gets everything he’s dreamed about — a celebrity job as a drive-time shock-jock, a wardrobe from Armani, use of a luxurious Malibu beach house, and a shiny red sports car. What he can’'t possibly get is any sex at all — or the one girl he really wants. She thinks he’s a gigolo and a phony, but he can’'t tell her the truth or she’ll know he’s just a jerk whose only friend in the world is a life-sized sex toy. To get his genuine heart’s desire, Rollo must admit to her that his prank was a mistake, undo its hurtful consequences, and make some sobering decisions about what’s really important in life.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

GP820 - First Amendment Challenges

Host Gerald Everett Jones and his co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page have a roundtable discussion of “First Amendment Challenges.” What are the limits on self-expression? #amwriting #selfpub #podcast For example: Does it mean total freedom? What about "Fire!" in a crowded theater? Is there a difference between gossip and slander? Libel? Plagiarism? Fair use? How might satire and parody be an exception? Fan fiction? What about PC labels? Rights to privacy for the deceased? What is Errors & Omissions insurance, and why might a creative person need it? What is an entertainment attorney, and what about copyright protection? What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act And, as ever, there's lots of advice on how to get published, including the support resources at our website

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Friday, February 14, 2020

GP825 Love and Relationships

Happy Valentine's Day! Host Gerald Everett Jones and his co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page discuss “Love and Relationships” with special guest author A. G. Billig, author of I Choose Love. #amwriting #selfpub #podcast Andreea responds to our questions, including:

  • What makes you an expert on love and relationships?
  • With closed eyes you sound like Andriana Huffington-- your accent's not from around here is it?
  • Tell us about your media career in Bucharest and how that ties into your work as an author.
  • In your book, I Choose Love, you take a philosophical approach. Would you even call it spiritual?
  • Hmm, "I Choose Love," who wouldn't? What are the alternatives? Hate, indifference, boredom?
  • Tell us more about being a guru for aspiring self-publishing authors.
  • What is the best advice for people who are unhappy in their relationships? What's the worst advice?
  • Tell us about your next project. How can listeners get in touch with you?

And, as ever, there's lots of advice on how to get published, including the support resources at our website

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Monday, February 10, 2020

AB 801 Preacher Fakes a Miracle - Reading

Our show host, author Gerald Everett Jones, reads from the second book in his Evan Wycliff Mystery series, Preacher Fakes a Miracle. The event at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena was sponsored by the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC). #amwriting #selfpub #podcast

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